Mud Guard, Left Hand, 60-66 CK Pickup (Under Cab C Body : Body Panel Mud Guard
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Mud Guard, Left Hand, 60-66 CK Pickup (Under Cab C

Lh(Driver) Side; Under Cab Corner; W/Brace

Left Hand Driver Side Under Cab Corner With Brace Mud Guard Left Hand Driver Side Under Cab Corner With Brace

Part No: 4142-485-601L
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$39.95  EA
Special Notes
Excellent Quality Reproduction
MakeModelEngine TypeLiterYearsFuelCIDFuel Delivery
ChevroletC10 PickupL63.91961 - 1962GAS0CARB
ChevroletC10 PickupV84.61961 - 1966GAS0CARB
ChevroletC10 PickupV85.41962GAS0CARB
ChevroletC10 PickupL63.81963 - 1966GAS0CARB
ChevroletC10 PickupL64.81963 - 1966GAS0CARB
ChevroletC10 PickupV85.41964 - 1966GAS0CARB
ChevroletC10 PickupL64.11966GAS0CARB
ChevroletC20 PickupL63.91961 - 1962GAS0CARB
ChevroletC20 PickupV85.71961 - 1962GAS0CARB
ChevroletC20 PickupV84.61961 - 1966GAS0CARB
ChevroletC20 PickupV86.71962GAS0CARB
ChevroletC20 PickupV85.41962GAS0CARB
ChevroletC20 PickupL63.81963 - 1965GAS0CARB
ChevroletC20 PickupL64.81963 - 1966GAS0CARB
ChevroletC20 PickupV85.71964 - 1965GAS0CARB
ChevroletC20 PickupV86.71964 - 1965GAS0CARB
ChevroletC20 PickupV85.41964 - 1966GAS0CARB
ChevroletC20 PickupL64.11966GAS0CARB
ChevroletC20 PickupV86.01966GAS0CARB
ChevroletC30 PickupL63.91961 - 1962GAS0CARB
ChevroletC30 PickupV85.71961 - 1962GAS0CARB
ChevroletC30 PickupV84.61961 - 1966GAS0CARB
ChevroletC30 PickupV86.71962GAS0CARB
ChevroletC30 PickupV85.41962GAS0CARB
ChevroletC30 PickupL64.81963 - 1966GAS0CARB
ChevroletC30 PickupV85.71964 - 1965GAS0CARB
ChevroletC30 PickupV86.71964 - 1965GAS0CARB
ChevroletC30 PickupL63.81964 - 1965GAS0CARB
ChevroletC30 PickupV85.41964 - 1966GAS0CARB
ChevroletC30 PickupL64.11966GAS0CARB
ChevroletC30 PickupV86.01966GAS0CARB
ChevroletK10 PickupL63.91961 - 1962GAS0CARB
ChevroletK10 PickupL64.31961 - 1962GAS0CARB
ChevroletK10 PickupV84.61961 - 1966GAS0CARB
ChevroletK10 PickupV85.41962GAS0CARB
ChevroletK10 PickupL63.81964 - 1965GAS0CARB
ChevroletK10 PickupV85.41964 - 1966GAS0CARB
ChevroletK10 PickupL64.81964 - 1966GAS0CARB
ChevroletK10 PickupL64.11966GAS0CARB
ChevroletK20 PickupL63.91961 - 1962GAS0CARB
ChevroletK20 PickupL64.31961 - 1962GAS0CARB
ChevroletK20 PickupV85.71961 - 1962GAS0CARB
ChevroletK20 PickupV84.61961 - 1966GAS0CARB
ChevroletK20 PickupV86.71962GAS0CARB
ChevroletK20 PickupV85.41962GAS0CARB
ChevroletK20 PickupV85.71964 - 1965GAS0CARB
ChevroletK20 PickupV86.71964 - 1965GAS0CARB
ChevroletK20 PickupL63.81964 - 1965GAS0CARB
ChevroletK20 PickupV85.41964 - 1966GAS0CARB
ChevroletK20 PickupL64.81964 - 1966GAS0CARB
ChevroletK20 PickupL64.11966GAS0CARB
ChevroletK20 PickupV86.01966GAS0CARB
GMCC15/C1500 PickupL63.81966GAS0CARB
GMCC15/C1500 PickupL64.11966GAS0CARB
GMCC15/C1500 PickupL64.81966GAS0CARB
GMCC15/C1500 PickupV65.01966GAS0CARB
GMCC25/C2500 PickupL63.81966GAS0CARB
GMCC25/C2500 PickupL64.11966GAS0CARB
GMCC25/C2500 PickupL64.81966GAS0CARB
GMCC25/C2500 PickupV65.01966GAS0CARB
GMCK15/K1500 PickupL63.81966GAS0CARB
GMCK15/K1500 PickupL64.11966GAS0CARB
GMCK15/K1500 PickupL64.81966GAS0CARB
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